373 00 Gullholma, Sweden

Land404 is an artist-run residency and curatorial platform based in a farmhouse on the coast of southern Sweden. The premise of Land404 is to create a dialogue between rural and urban spaces. Each year we invite a small group of artists to live with us and build a site specific exhibition in the area through a collaborative, experimental and intimate process. They explore ideas of the rural, the urban and civilisations relationship to nature. Once the residency is closed we continue to work with the artists to adapt the exhibition and show it in urban spaces. This way the artworks mimic the depopulation from rural areas to cities and open a parallel path of interpretation. One that asks both how we are affected by the spaces we inhabit and what we loose or gain in the process.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Sweden
City / Town : Gullholma
Online : Click here
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