La Peluquería Cra 3 No. 12d - 83, Sede La Candelaria Bogotá CO

La Peluqueria is a place for emerging art, new artistic proposals, hair cuts and  social events.

La Peluqueria is a contemporary cultural art center that focuses in on promoting, commercializing and spreading the word of the products in this artistic environment such as cultural events, art exhibitions, new musical proposals and cultural management.

At the same time offering hair design services (as an artistic practice), meeting place, product promotion, press conferences, artistic talks and co-oporative services (venue) of other similar organizations.

We aim to generate new artistic experiences for new audiences using the simplest but most creative language. Bringing art to new audiences and generate reflections of day-to-day life (as happens in a typical hairdressers).

Generating new social events with cultural activities. Encouraging emerging artists. Integrating both disciplines.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Colombia
City / Town : Bogotá
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Online : Click here
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