La Miscelánea

Tabasco 97b Col. Roma Norte 06700 Mexico City MX

La Miscelánea (“The Grocery Store”) began with the partnership of four artists from different countries and art disciplines, including cinema, photography, music, and electronic arts. From the beginning, we wanted to build a multidisciplinary space for contemporary culture where emerging young artists could develop their projects, as well as meet established artists, with the purpose of starting a friendly and interesting dialogue with the community. We now host exhibitions, video calls, lectures, residency programs, and book presentations; in 2010, we opened a small café with all kinds of books, catalogues, and art magazines.

Located in an historical Art Nouveau neighborhood in Mexico City called Colonia Roma, where the main art galleries are no more than four blocks from each other, La Miscelánea is an independent space, which allows us the freedom to make every possible project with no political or economic issues. The word miscelánea also means “a mixed assortment of items”—our starting point for generating plural contemporary art situations.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Mexico
City / Town : Mexico City
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