La Herrmana Favorita

Salta 2131, Santa Fe Rosario AR

La Herrmana Favorita is a trio of artists (Ángeles Ascúa, Florencia Caterina, and Matías Pepe) from Rosario, Argentina. Our project thinks of art as a possibility to make passions of the mind collide: anger, stress, joy, hate, and, especially, love. We also investigate certain statutes of our local culture.

We can’t understand archetypical disciplines—they seem boring to us. We identify our work as a crossroad between management and curatorship, as well as visual and intellectual production. Our project is fueled by the need to think about the limits of exhibition spaces and educational programs, even what is considered to be alternative or marginal in relation to the current local socio-cultural conditions. From this perspective, La Herrmana Favorita adopts a parasitic modality. It lacks a physical space but appropriates that of other institutions so as to create a new one.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Argentina
City / Town : Rosario
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