Tagensvej 147, 2400 København, Denmark

Kunstscenen is a new outdoor exhibition space by Magnus Thorø Clausen and Kåre Frang, located on an overgrown lot behind Bispebjerg Station in Copenhagen. It is built of a cast concrete floor and two walls making up a corner, yet does not have neither roof nor electric lighting. The exhibitions in Kunstscenen are therefore directly exposed to wind and weather, as well as natural light and shadows. The space brings to mind a section of a well-known gallery space or art fair booth yet here out of place and context. Over the next couple of months, we will launch transient exhibitions that will change in sync with the surroundings and maybe gradually disappear in nature. We are looking for ways of naturalizing the art context, to create a new space somewhere between art space, public space and nature, where the boundary to everyday life is less absolute.

Kunstscenen is open to all passers-by day and night. You can choose to only see the exhibitions in the night, or maybe early in the morning at sunrise.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Denmark
City / Town : Copenhagen
Online : Click here
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