Künstlerhaus FRISE

Arnoldstrasse 26-30 22765 Hamburg Germany

FRISE has emerged from the associations Künstlerhaus Weidenallee (since 1977) and Abbildungszentrum (since 1994). In 2003, they found their location in the former hairdressing institute at Arnoldstraße in Hamburg-Ottensen, and from 2008 on for 36 years, the house is owned by FRISE co-operative society. Production, interchange, exhibition– the founding motives of the house of artists are as valid today as they were then. In single or shared workshops about 40 artists work in different fields of media and conceptual debate in direct neighborhood. Exchange is not limited to within, but is also practiced with guests, with cultural institutions in the local and national community – and worldwide with partners from France, Japan, Finland, USA or other places. The guest studio accommodates artists from Germany and abroad. In the ground floor we show alternating programs of exhibitions, often accompanied by a lecture and film scheme. On a regular basis the house opens its doors to offer an insight into life at FRISE, be it for a dance night on the eve of May Day or an exhibition of the FRISE artists in December.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Germany
City / Town : Hamburg
Online : Click here
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