Kunsthalle Tropical

F905, Iceland

The Kunsthalle Tropical is a non-profit association as an intervention. The intervention is creating an experimental situation which forces a synthesis between an artistic studio, an exhibition space, the mental realm of imagination and the coordinates of the Kunsthalle Tropical. At present a further Kunsthalle Tropical will be open soon in the Swiss Alps.

The art space Kunsthalle Tropical was founded in Iceland’s remote Northeast at 65.33786 N 15.85229 W on 19th July 2012. It is located in the rocky desert on the border to the Highlands and can be accessed both from Möðrudalur or from Askja on gravel road Arnardalsleið (F905) – you will find it signposted on both routes.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Iceland
Online : Click here
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