Kunsthal ved siden af

Frederiksø 18, 1st floor, 5700 Svendborg, Denmark

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The association’s non-profit artist-run exhibition platforms are run by Farid Salti, Katrine Würtz Hansen, Nanna Katharina Jensen, Jesper Kjærgaard Kring, Mathias Säderup and Jens Tormod Berthelsen.

Art gallery next door

The Kunsthallen is housed in an older industrial building on the island of Svendborg Harbor, Frederiksøen. It is  a large raw exhibition hall of about 300 sqm on the 1st floor.

The Art Hall focuses on the diverse and experimental contemporary art and wishes to present a wide and varied spectrum of solo and group exhibitions of high artistic quality.

Art gallery next door, springs from next to / exhibition space that has existed since December 2014.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Denmark
City / Town : Svendborg
Online : Click here
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