Krasnodar Institute for Contemporary Art (art group ZIP)

Krasnodar Krasnodar RU

Russian art group, created in 2009 in Krasnodar. The group ZIP is the founder of the Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (KICA), the independent festival of street art «CAN», the art residence «Pyatikhatki» and co-founder of the Krasnodar Center for Contemporary Art «Typography». The name of the group is the abbreviation of the Krasnodar factory of measuring devices (ZIP), where until 2015 the artist’s studio was located. In their works, the ZIP group refers to the themes of labour, community and self-organization, turning its total installations into utopian spaces for work, recreation and interaction.
ZIP group: Evgeny Rimkevich (b. 1987 Armavir, Russia), Vasily Subbotin (b. 1991 Krasnodar, Russia), Stepan Subbotin (b. 1987 Krasnodar, Russia), past members: until 2017 Eldar Ganeev (b. 1975 Kobrin, Belorussia), until 2012 Konstantin Chekmarev (b. 1990 Krasnodar, Russia)

Active or inactive : Unknown
Country : Russian Federation
City / Town : Krasnodar
Online : Click here
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