Chaussée de Forest, 90, Vorstse Steenweg1060 Brussels Belgium

Founded in 2002 in Brussels, Komplot is a curatorial collective of variable composition and condition. Concerned with nomadic creative practices and trends of specialisation, it operates as a platform for experimental art. Komplot conducted extensive research into post ’68 collaborative art practices in Belgium, organising seminars and making two documentary films. Between 2010 and 2015 Komplot has been based in a building with an exhibition space and 12 artists’ studios close to the Wiels art center in Forest. Now Komplot re-initiated a nomadic practice in Brussels, fragmenting its large venue into several addresses and beyond the city responding to invitations abroad. Meanwhile Komplot moves the focus from a collective structure to a form of organisation as a curator office, to expend more and more its agenda to interdisciplinary art practice that continuously searches for new formats and discourses. The group of resident curators of Komplot, with guest curators, develops a critical program that studies the relation between art and its physical, social and political environment. Komplot starts from a core of openness and flexibility regarding the programation, therefore its projects can take different forms: exhibitions, publications, films, discussions, workshops, symposium, events…

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Belgium
City / Town : Brussels
Online : Click here
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