Jupiter Woods

61 Rollins St, London SE15 1EP, UK

Jupiter Woods is a London-based, non-profit art organisation that commissions new work and supports research and experimentation by emerging and lesser-represented artists and practitioners.

As a female-led organisation, their programme centres around and actively adopts a feminist politics of organising and working, in order to create an inclusive space of collaboration and exchange, aiming to nurture marginal voices and communities in the fields of contemporary art. Jupiter Woods prioritises slow-paced production, research and active engagement as radical forms of instituting, responding to a regime where success is too strongly predicated on volume and speed of production.

By proposing cross-disciplinary approaches and alternative formats of production, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art, Jupiter Woods’ work actively contributes to critical discourse amongst various practices.

Since 2014, they have worked as an exhibition space, residency programme, research and studio facility within a domestic setting with a programme consisting of solo exhibitions, discursive events and publishing.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : United Kingdom
City / Town : London
Online : Click here
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