Intimnoe mesto

Shpalernaya str 3/26 St. Petersburg RU

Intimnoe mesto (rus. “intimate place” and “intimate part”) is a place for attentive and careful collective use. Intimnoe mesto is not a school nor a studio. Nevertheless it is a place for “true statement”, for investigation and for “public use of personal intelligence”. Intimnoe mesto is a laboratory for fuzzing the borders between individual and collective, private and public, personal and shared. Intimnoe mesto can be a place for different authors despite of their weight/length/depth, wisdom, presence/absence of hair/scales. Intimnoe mesto introduces crude works of art. We think that crude art is alluring. Sometimes it’s unbearable to come out with a new idea to your comrades, and at such moment you feel fragile. We value fragility and respect allurement. By “crude” we mean “juicy”. And justify it as significant. (var. By “crude” we mean “succulent”. Succulence is significant.) Intimnoe mesto is a place for lecture, exhibition, concert, movie discussion, buckwheat preparation, singing, reading something out loud. This can be swapped for any help for previous or upcoming event, or sometimes for potatoes/buckwheat/nails. Intimnoe mesto forbids fascism, sexism, homo-bi-trans-queer-phobias, sexophobia, speciesism, ageism, even if they act as an object of deep (self)critic work, but don’t contain any value.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Russian Federation
City / Town : St. Petersburg
Online : Click here
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