inner room

Via Guccio di Mannaia, 15, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

What is inner room?
is a label of artistic production established in Siena in 2010 and is “the first” contemporary art reality in Italy to implement its program on an ongoing basis within an artisan company.

inner room is able to bring this experience to other public and private venues by inserting the various contemporary art events among the productive or managerial activities so as to bring them closer to them, in places and contexts of everyday life, not just the insiders, but also a wider audience.

The inner room operating component consists entirely of artists, men who work in small groups and are able to operate, in complete autonomy, able to conceive, move and organize in any environment, in contexts that are not permissive and highly hostile to artistic experiences .

in short, inner room is a group of men with great values ​​and great artistic experience who work in the shadows, putting their talents at the service of other talents. All for the spiritual, social and economic growth of the people who are and who pass by Siena.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Italy
City / Town : Siena
Online : Click here
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