INI Project / SPACE

Jeronýmova 88/9, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Czechia

INI Project is an independent platform active in contemporary art since 2010. Our project’s characteristic is searching for nontraditional formats of contemporary art presentation and promotion. The Space, placed until recently at Bubenská 1 on the Letná (so-called “Orco”) has become its flagship project since 2013. The Space, which resembled a studio rather than a classical art gallery, hosted several dozens of artists, art critics, theoreticians, art groups and couples. During their two-months residencies, great many performances, pop up exhibitions, author readings, research projects, workshops and other forms and events focused rather on the process of a new artwork’s origination or new ideas development than the final product, were organized. On grounds of our original gallery seat’s reconstruction, but also in order to offer our programs more to the public, INI Project / Space moved to business premises at the corner of Husitská and Jeronýmova Streets. The format of Space functioning as a residential studio remains – in cooperation with our residents we continue showing the process of artistic creation and activity, what happens before the work is exhibited or in parallel with the author’s exhibiting or theoretical endeavor. In the framework of Space, artists or curators can confront their immediate intentions with the public, invite their guests, who inspire them and freely turn the space e.g. into a workshop, a study, an office or a kitchen. Thanks to the INI Gallery’s new premises, the Space is now more open to the surrounding happenings, becoming a part of the “gallery quarter” at Žižkov, the seat of, among others, Galerie 35m2, Drdova Gallery, Hunt Kastner and others.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Czech Republic
City / Town : Prague
Online : Click here
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