Hybrid Cultures

Donker Curtiusstraat 25B, 1051 JM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hybrid Cultures, an initiative of artist, writer and curator Raymond Cuijpers is a new, hybrid project space opening in Amsterdam West. Hybrid Cultures will program four (solo or duo) exhibitions per year with independent and innovative artists. The projects and the space focus on bringing together artists from different cultural backgrounds. In illuminating personal stories from different cultures and formulating meaning as a result of artistic and intellectual cross-pollination from multiple angles, Hybrid Cultures aims to initiate a dialogue from which a new concept of art can grow. The leading thematic in the dialogue is that the work of art is closely related to the artist’s personal story and consciousness. That consciousness is influenced by the environment in which various cultures operate; an environment that is subject to technological and (catastrophic) climatic changes. The artist as human being, is in transition and increasingly adapting to a hybrid way of existing. The goal of Hybrid Cultures is to facilitate this new hybrid human in the retention of their artistic and existential sensibilities.

Active or inactive : Active
City / Town : Amsterdam
Online : Click here
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