Het Resort

Groningen, Netherlands

Het Resort brings you in a series of episodes: the ongoing story of art featuring prosperity, misfire, free champagne, refreshing scenery and handsome artists.

Het resort wishes to start a dialog about how an art initiative could function these days. By stripping down the familiar road and dressing it back up again, raising questions and making suggestions along the way. We seek to find new ways for art to stand its ground and introduce art at places it didn’t have a set position before. What if art could move more freely through the city? Highlighting both the most beautiful and the saddest places out there. Finding inspiration in the pretty monumental architecture and the dirty fringes of places in transition. Questioning the functions and the esthetics of the urban environment we look for the wild cards, creating an exciting uncertainty where you never know how it will behave. Giving both the city an the artists a tingly feeling that comes with the opportunity to try out tricky projects, make unexpected moves and enter into new collaborations. With our location based episodes we offer a retreat from daily-life, telling the ongoing story of art, misfire, free champagne, refreshing scenery and handsome artists.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Groningen
Online : Click here
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