Gudran Association for Art and Development

2 Adeep St. El Manshia 21519 Alexandria EG

Gudran Association for Art and Development is an artist coalition that is motivated by what we call “the artists social responsibility” – to bring art to every part of society, to reach social transformation through art, to support local culture and to provide platforms and places for them to flourish and learn from each other.
Gudran started as a group of artists with the aim of bringing art to people in a direct manner, and not through exhibition spaces. Having the point of view that art is a human need, it was a desire of Gudran to bring it to a community in a desperate need of it. In 2000 the group started to work with a small fisherman village called El-Max in the west of Alexandria, Egypt.
Later on, by recognising the need for art and especially the need for people to think in new and different ways during their imagination crisis, Gudran had the desire to bring the spirit of change to the heart of Alexandria. The aim was now to offer the society a way to rethink how they wish to develop and formulate solutions to their own problems.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Egypt
City / Town : Alexandria
Online : Click here
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