Glogauer Str. 16 10999 Berlin Germany

Nowadays taking part in an Artist in Residence Program supposes a desired stage for an artist career as it allows them to put their work in a global context. This model was born at the beginning of the XXth century and has grown widely during the last years with the globalization expansion, up to become essential for the international art market.

In a moment where the art’s value gives priority to the process more than the final work, the Artist in Residence Programmes have turned into temples of works in progress and multiculturalism.

At GlogauAIR artists from diverse social and geographical backgrounds find a place to develop their works in a dynamic environment of coexistence, exchange of ideas and internationalization. At the same time they get to know a new culture and landscape in Berlin, getting influences from de city, which has became a pioneer place for contemporary culture.

The non profit organization GlogauAIR was founded by the Spanish artist Chema Alvargonzález in 2006 with the intention to create a meeting point between artists from all disciplines to work in collaboration, expanding their practice in terms of materials, formats and style. The processes are shown every three months in an open studios exhibition where the public can see the works of the resident artists in a relaxed and festive event.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Germany
City / Town : Berlin
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