2-9-13 Kunitachi-shi 186-0002 Tokyo JP

In August, 2000, FADs art space was established in Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo. We engage in various projects mainly on modern art. Because this space plays a role of a studio, before playing the role of a commercial art gallery, we offer it in non-profit basis for them to concentrate their expenses on their work production. Instead, we request the artists to be involved in the administration of space.
The space opens only on Saturdays and Sundays as most young artists have a job on weekdays,however the exhibition session spans for one to two months to supplement the few opening days during the week and make their art work public as long as possible to the artists’ satisfaction. In addition, a shop is attached to the space, in which artists could freely plan and design to sell their work and other merchandized goods. We currently deal not only with Japanese artists but also with foregin artists such as those from the United States and Hong Kong.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Japan
City / Town : Tokyo
Online : Click here
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