Bergstaðastræti 25, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

EKKISENS is an old curse word every Icelandic grandma should reckognize, as well as an experimental artist run space in the center of Reykjavík city of emerging contemporary art. Artist Freyja Eilíf  founded Ekkisens in autumn 2014 and the space is her grandfather’s Völundur Draumland former apartment & studio. °

The Ekkisens program is a selection of applications from an ongoing open call, showcasing a cross-section of the vibrant emerging art scene of Reykjavík with some added international flavour. Alongside the regular exhibition program, Freyja Eilíf amongst other artists have curated group exhibitions and projects around the themes of activism, witchcraft and gender roles, many of which have become quite notorious and controversial in Iceland. Freyja also manages travelling exhibitions, showcasing works of artists from the diverse group of artists who have exhibited and curated at Ekkisens.

Fun fact:
A straight translation of the word Ekkisens is nonsense but the etymological roots of it are from a danish slang addressing the devil.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Iceland
City / Town : Reykjavik
Online : Click here
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