Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa
EH!WOZA is a collaboration between South African biomedical researchers,  conceptual artists, and youth from Khayelitsha.
The project was initiated in 2013 when a group of scientists engaged an artist about a social responsiveness project linked to Tuberculosis (TB). After some discussion, it was agreed that a short documentary would be produced free of charge. This was to replace the handycam style documentation of an upcoming health workshop to be held with learners from IkamvaYouth – an educational NGO based in Khayelitsha. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances, including a rather childish skateboarding accident, the pilot project was filmed over a period of two days from the POV of a wheelchair. 
Scientists sourced funding for the pilot from the Centre of Excellence for Biomedical TB research. After completion of the edit in Basel and Zurich, the pilot product led to support from the Wellcome Trust and is receiving further attention through local television networks as well as social media. 
The Wellcome Trust’s support facilitated further engagement with learners through a broader set of scientific and media workshops. During scientific workshops learners engage with high impact and complex biomedical research concepts, including new treatments for TB, preventative measures such as vaccines, and methods to test new biomedical products in clinical trials. All the while gaining a better understanding of how stigmas and taboos surrounding the disease develop in local communities. 
Active or inactive : Active
City / Town : Capetown
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