Depot Basel

Voltastrasse 43, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

Depot Basel was founded in June 2011 on the initiative of Laura Pregger, Matylda Krzykowski, Moritz Walther, Elias Schäfer, Julia Landsiedl and Katharina Altemeier. Rebekka Kiesewetter joined 2012. Depot Basel was initiated as an alternative to existing platforms and institutions; as a place, where design can be conveyed, discussed and developed beyond the prevailing standards, structures and expectations; as a place, where encounters across hierarchical and national boarders are just as possible as experimentation, critical thinking and activity.

Since its foundation – and with the temporary and permanent support of partners and backers, designers and non-designers – Depot Basel has evolved into a centre and agency in the contemporary design discourse.

From its permanent location in Basel it acts locally, nationally and internationally. Still, the theoretical and practical occupation with design, its presentation, convey and promotion as a mode of thinking and acting relevant to society, is priority. Be it in self-initiated endeavours, be it in collaborations or on assignment: Depot Basel does want to not only show design as a succession of singular products or phenomena, but to broadly, inclusively and future-oriented think and develop it further.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Switzerland
City / Town : Basel
Online : Click here
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