Datscha Radio

Berlin, Germany

Datscha Radio is a Berlin-based radio art initiative that has been active since 2012 and is committed to an expanded culture of radio production and world perception. Datscha Radio is non-commercial, non-mobile and is realized interdisciplinary in Berlin with a collective of 3-5 (radio) artists. In 2018, Datscha Radio was nominated for honorary engagement for the Berlin European Award “Blue Bear”.

Datscha Radio uses the medium of radio to create new listening experiences on this side of the common dichotomies of culture/nature or transceiver. The starting point and interface of all content are “the Garden”, which accompanies our work as a universal metaphor for diversity, the culture of knowledge and social commitment. Unlike other Berlin artist or community radio stations, Datscha Radio creates time-limited, site-specific radio art events and festivals – mostly in private or public gardens.

Datscha Radio combines the art of “Expanded Radio” and the life world of the garden through performance, experiment, conversation, inclusive workshops and “Listening Clubs”. Sending is via the internet and via FM microtransmitter on site. Within the framework of cooperations with existing stations, there were also Berlin-wide FM transmissions at 88.4 MHz and in Potsdam at 90.7.
In addition, the blog deals with ecological and garden-related topics in the form of interviews, essays and botanical excursions.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Germany
City / Town : Berlin
Online : Click here
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