Perm, Perm Krai, Russia

“сх” is the abbreviation of the informal union of artists, which appeared a year ago in Perm as an alternative to the conservative union of artists, whose ideals and methods has not changed since USSR. Self-organized initiative brings together more than 20 artists from Perm of different generations, working in various genres of contemporary art to jointly participate in events. We are not tied to the specific place and open to new formats and collaborations with other cities and countries. The goal of the association is mutual assistance and co-creation. In the absence of a clear hierarchy system, the union has a flexible structure and horizontal organization. For non-metropolitan cities in Russia, it is the one way for artists to survive in the absence of a developed system of contemporary art.

This action takes place in the nearest future, after global environmental and economic crisis. Аs a result of wrong decisions by the government and loyal creative unions. Most of the population – in oblivion, and out of culture, and out of civilization. Whole Russia became a desert snow. Life kept in small human settlements, and the only law outside the town walls is the right of force. There is a struggle for the survival of all against all and no one knows what “mercy” is. There are cruel gangs and alone-saboteurs/hooligans in the wastelands. At the same time, an organization that name itself “cx” is trying to take power into its own hands, to end the chaos that is happening around.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Russian Federation
City / Town : Perm
Online : Click here
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