CRAC Valparaiso

Av. Prat Nº 798 oficina 574 Valparaíso CL

CRAC Valparaiso is a collaborative non-profit platform that focuses on different socio-artistic productions over the city of Valparaiso, Chile. CRAC is an independent project with a flexible and autonomous management model that has been self-sustained since 2007.
CRAC Valparaiso is a centre for residencies aimed to artists and researchers. The residents are open to experiment with temporary actions that will directly involve the local community such as talks, workshops, performances, seminars and so on.
The artistic residencies to be developed at CRAC are understood as city practices and methods of public presentations and workshops that feed and activate our archive which is based on cultural exchange of knowledge.
Beside the residency program we offer a public community archive with a printed publication and a digital publisher.
Our idea is to rethink from a Latin American city what public art means in relation to other cities. We have worked with a number of different platforms, groups, artists and researches that encourage decentralised collaborative practice.

Our interest is to contribute to the debate on the possibilities of collective citizenships and artistic practices. Thus develop, re-think and re-design participatory common policies on sustainable development in our culture, social spaces and society by promoting autonomy and transversal knowledge on contemporary disciplines.
We think our commitment to work in Valparaiso city centring our practice in art and contemporary thought could create new lines of creative development. We strongly believe in collaborative networks, in the exchange of work models, in solidarity and in generosity. We strongly believe that in our knowledge lies the hope to create common public spaces accessible to a diverse audience.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Chile
City / Town : Valparaíso
Online : Click here
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