Club Electroputere (CEP)

Calea Bucuresti 56, 200515, Craiova, Romania Craiova RO

Club Electroputere (CEP) is a Craiova based center for contemporary art, founded in 2009 by Adrian Bojenoiu and Alexandru Niculescu. The centre for contemporary culture Club Electroputere works as an independent structure, flexible and connected to the community’s life, mediating a new status of culture through a constant dialogue between the cultural producers and their public. The centre’s activity focuses on producing and researching contemporary cultural manifestations. CEP promotes especially alternative art, new creative media, multiculturalism and interdisciplinarity, attempting to create connections between the local context and the international cultural environment. Basically, Electroputere is the name of a plant of electrical transformers of high voltage and locomotives.

Founded in 1949, at Craiova, the plant used to be considered – until 1989 – one of the greatest success of industrialization. During the communist time, Electroputere became a concept that designated the industrial power and the social evolution.

CEP is active in Craiova and Bucharest.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Romania
City / Town : Craiova
Online : Click here
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