Bogumińska, 71-744 Szczecin, Poland

CentrumCentrum is located in Szczecin.
Its research and exhibition program is focused on the relation between the peripheral and central parts of the world, in the context of economical and culture dependency.
CentrumCentrum is seeking threads from the past, and tries
to weave them in the present net of relations, taking into account also non-human characters – forgotten events, hidden objects – and boosting its presence in the contemporary narration.
We create publications, we build collection, we take care of the soil, and plant vegetables and collect fruits.
CentrumCentrum through discussions and workshops is seeking solutions for artistic practice, that is alternative to the model, in which the individual entrepreneurship and trademark of the artist is above the cooperative practice, where the autorship is dispersed.
CentrumCentrum has an alternative way for financing its activities – The Capital of CentrumCentrum, which consists of 66 golden bars, made out of sprayed cardboard.
In order to boost the value of that artificial gold, the capital had been exhibited in prominent institutions – museums – Neues Museum and Bode Museum in Berlin. Each person that works on behalf of CentrumCentrum, is reimbursed with one golden bar.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Poland
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