Center for Historical Reenactments

August House 32, Doornfontein 2028 Johannesburg ZA

The Center for Historical Reenactment (CHR) is a Johannesburg based independent platform. CHR sets to look at history to investigate how, within a particular historical hegemony, certain values have been created, promoted and subsequently sublated into a broader universal discourse. No doubt, historical constructions play essential, almost central roles in the formation of the apparatus and what has been taken for granted as a given in the dominant world order. Therefore within the scope of emancipatory artistic productions, historical reenactments can, and do play a significant role. CHR explores how artistic production helps us to deconstruct particular readings of history and how historical context informs artistic creation, both which become central questions. How art can help us reinterpret history and its contextual implications and how it can add and suggest different historical readings and help in the formation of new subjectivities.


Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : South Africa
City / Town : Johannesburg
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Online : Click here
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