Rue du Marché aux Herbes 116, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
C5 is a space for visual arts who takes inspiration from “The Holy Theatre”, second chapter of Peter Brooks’s controversial theory “The Empty Space”. The author explains that he could have substituted the name Holy Theatre with The Theatre of the Invisible-Made Visible. It’s all there.
This space probes possibilities and tentatives which seem able to reveal something out-of-the-ordinary to the viewer. It offers an experience that overflows from the ordinary. Let’s imagine this to be somewhere that can replace the sites of sacred rituals long since forgotten, somewhere to live out transcendental experiences. Something invisible – something unsayable – must occur here.
C5 intends to grant its audience experiences which tear them away from the everyday, all the while placing their feet firmly on the ground. Perceive what is sacred, yet remain anchored. That is the only way for the sacred to remain what it is in essence: never wholly uncovered. This is a slither of light creeping in through a door left ajar.
Active or inactive : Active
Country : Belgium
City / Town : Brussels
Online : Click here
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