Bunkern Gallery

Södra Lillåstrand, Örebro, Sweden

Studio collective running two exhibition spaces, working together as an artist group and arranging cultural events. This year we have made ten exhibitions at our interactive art space Paviljong LUX and exhibitions at our gallery space Bunkern Gallery. Our aim is to bring young and interesting contemporary art to the public in Örebro, and show the rest of the world the vibrant art scene of Örebro. We have collaborated with Open Art, Örebro Konsthall, Örebro konstskola, Nora Art, Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen and others.

Our aim has always been to show interesting artists from our region. When we heard that parts of Pussy Riot was living in Örebro as a part of their asylum process, we thought it would be nice to showcase them at this years Supermarket. So when we contacted them and asked if they wanted to participate they immediately said yes. This year our artists will be Lusine Djanyan and Alexey Knedlyakovsky from Pussy Riot. They will show a documentary installation of their asylum proses, and current living situation, here in Sweden.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Sweden
City / Town : Örebro
Online : Click here
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