Bubblegum Club

Johannesburg, South Africa

Bubblegum Club is a cultural organisation based in Johannesburg with a multi-faceted approach of working across platforms and mediums.

We use our artistic and conceptual practice, and understanding of popular culture, to create content which dynamically and strategically communicates with a youth audience. Although firmly based in the South Africa context, our broad perspectives mean that we are regularly invited to work with international partners.

We have collaborated on a diverse array of projects, using our skills to pursue a dynamic range of objectives. As content producers we are regularly involved in creating and curating original, innovative culture. With our digital publication we give a voice to cutting edge creatives from around the world. We also work with brands and organisations to help them interpret and connect with youth culture.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : South Africa
City / Town : Johannesburg
Online : Click here
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