Via Termopili, 36, 20127 Milano MI, Italy

BRACE BRACE is an artist-run space born in 2019 from an idea by Francesca Finotti (artist), Cecilia Mentasti (artist and art-worker) and Francesco Paleari (photographer).

BRACE BRACE is a place for encounters, sharing and research in contemporary art practices; a burning open field.

BRACE BRACE was born with the idea of ​​taking care of art projects; making new ideas be happening or supporting existing proposals by opening up dialogues and collaborations. The pillars of the space are the technical support in the realization of the project, the curatorial research and the storytelling structure.

BRACE BRACE has a transformative nature; when there are no exhibitions going on, it goes back to be the place of research and work of two artists and a photographer, from which artworks, encounters and conversation keep passing by.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Italy
City / Town : Milan
Online : Click here
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