Boys’ Quarters Project Space

24 Aggrey Rd, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Boys’ Quarters Project Space is a contemporary art gallery that opened on 31st May, 2014 in downtown Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Boys’ Quarters shows work by local Niger Delta artists as well as a national and international programme of artists. The space offers a conceptual and critically-engaged intervention into Port Harcourt’s visual art scene. The works commissioned and shown through Boys’ Quarters produce fresh imagery and more in-depth reflections on Niger Delta inner life and environments. In effect helping re-imagine the region. The relationship between self and environment is the underlying exploratory engine and to this end our intervention into the global art scene serves to deconstruct and further expand definitions of “environment”. The gallery is a Mangrove Arts Foundation project.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Nigeria
City / Town : Port Harcourt
Online : Click here
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