Furn El-Chebback, Selim El-Khoury Street Beirut LB

Aflamuna (formerly Beirut DC) was founded in Beirut, Lebanon in 1999 by a group of cinema professionals and art advocates.
The organization began its projects towards the end of 1999.
The aim of Aflamuna was to provide help and support to Arab independent filmmakers, in facing up and overcoming the constraints facing independently-minded Arab cinema.
In due time, Aflamuna became more capable and efficient in its efforts to adjust to the difficulties and challenges facing Arab independent movie-makers. The organization was able to learn and profit from its prolonged experience, and to gain the knowledge necessary to define and pursue its ongoing projects.
In a region where individuality is generally restricted, Aflamuna encourages its partners and collaborators to produce films that are relevant to their society, that seek to question pre-established forms and beliefs, and aim to induce change and new, personal approaches.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Lebanon
City / Town : Beirut
Online : Click here
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