Basis for live art

basis for Live Art is a platform for diverse performance practices and approaches. bLA focuses on the live gesture as defining an extended territory of performance art that goes beyond the body, and exposes it to a variety of different media and environments: sound, text, image, digital media, sculpture, painting and the city as a scene of action. bLA’s ambition is to define a space that differs from the black cube of theatre and its traditional cut between passive audience and performers. The focus is on the event of live performance, the emergence and the dissolution of an ephemeral form within the performative situation and its defining conditions. The body is understood as a site of unexpected knowledge and experience, which unfolds in the simultaneity of enacting or producing the work and the act of viewing. bLA is a platform for exploration of a variety of questions, from duration and temporality, repetition and difference, to ways of situating performance as a comment on every-day life situations.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Amsterdam
Online : visit website
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