Ballroom Marfa

108 E. San Antonio St., TX 79843 Marfa US

Founded in 2003 by Virginia Lebermann and Fairfax Dorn, Ballroom Marfa is a center for the public exploration of contemporary art and culture. The gallery is housed in a converted dancehall that dates to 1927.

Ballroom Marfa is a dynamic, contemporary cultural arts space that provides a lively intellectual environment where varied perspectives and issues are explored through visual arts, film, music, and performance. As an advocate for the freedom of artistic expression, Ballroom Marfa’s mission is to serve international, national, regional, and local arts communities and support the work of both emerging and recognized artists working in all media.

Ballroom Marfa is particularly interested in helping artists and curators achieve projects that have significant cultural impact but would be impossible to realize in a traditional gallery or museum setting.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : United States
City / Town : Marfa
Online : Click here
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