Zomerhofstraat 80, 3032 CM Rotterdam, Netherlands
We would like to introduce you to (A)WAKE. (A)WAKE is a newly born non-profit foundation based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) that will initiate and host cultural programs that navigate flirtatiously between art and politics.
(A)WAKE is a family: a collective of radical new voices that stand against intolerance, economic precarity, and fight against fear of ‘the other’. (A)WAKE wants to create a place that generates space for nuance and polyphony. Both in represented voices as in perspectives. We want to develop a (cultural) program that is close to the current political and social issues, and that initiates rather than react. A program that does not see counterculture as consumption, but as an execution. In a world dominated by media and populism, we like to move freely between the domains of (contemporary) art and politics. We firmly believe in the seductive power of aesthetics and design, and like to bring this together with substantive sounds of counterculture to reach a wide and diverse audience. We want to develop a program that does justice to the complexity of our current society and the perspective of minorities who for far too long have been overlooked and/or tokenized by mainstream.
Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Rotterdam
Online : Click here
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