artcontainer project

Hofwiesenstrasse 187, 8057 Zürich, Switzerland

artcontainer, an innovative off-space, a non-commercial, independent space for contemporary art.

The art container project offers young artists an excellent platform: pictures, sculpture, graphics, video, performances, art talks, music – here we can meet art and artists at eye level. At the same time, the artists also deal with our unique art space – two 40-foot high-cube containers: “The container is a symbol of globalization, both for its economic dynamics and for the estranged states under capitalism” (20 foot equivalent Unity – the rule of containerization, Alexander Klose, Bauhaus University Weimar).

“Where a container stands, there are specific circumstances in which the permanent and the fleeting enter into an indecisive relationship. Containers embody a convention of the provisional. They make it easier to recognize and use temporaries as such “(Tom Holert & Mark Terkessides, Institute for Studies in Visual Culture). The artcontainer is neither a museum nor a white cube, but a laboratory for artists who actively deal with questions of culture, society and art.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Switzerland
Online : Click here
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