Art Lounge Dibang

435 Pyeongchang-dong, Jongno-gu, 110-848 Seoul KR

Art lounge Dibang was a non-profit cultural space sponsored by the MajoongMool Foundation.

‘Dibang’ is the archaic Korean word for ‘threshold’, a region where time and space intersect. Even, in ancient times, if the space a threshold occupied was insignificant, as either a point of intersection or passage of time and space, it was still considered a sacred space where sitting and standing were strongly prohibited.

Art lounge Dibang is dedicated to making art more accessible to the public audiences. It seeks to act as a threshold where various genres, such as fine arts, film, music, public art, design, handicraft, lecture, etc., become interchangeable. Instead of persisting in huge argument or debates about identity, our mission is to provide a flexible exhibition and events space for a variety of generations and genres. Therefore, and in line with the MajoongMool Foundation’s motto “a bowl of water,” Dibang is committed to fostering small but significant ideas and artistic activities that have a unique story to tell.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Korea, Republic of
City / Town : Seoul
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