Art Hub Pikisaari

Pikisaarentie 8, 90100 Oulu, Finland

Art Hub Pikisaari is a unique small-scale art center, art project space and community meeting and event place in Pikisaari island in Oulu in northern Finland. Art Hub Pikisaari was founded by visual and media artist Tuomo Kangasmaa and sculptor Minna Kangasmaa in the fall of 2020. Art Hub Pikisaari is located along the main thoroughfare of Pikisaari at street level in an old log house in the former workers’ quarter. The log building completed in the 1870s is one of the oldest houses built in Pikisaari. Art Hub Pikisaari brings new activities to this culturally historically significant building. Pikisaari in Oulu has been developed since the 1980s as a neighborhood for artists and craftsmen. Art Hub Pikisaari is involved in this development. The mission is to create Art Hub Pikisaari, a place that functions as a hub for artistic collaboration that crosses geographical boundaries in the field of contemporary art.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Finland
City / Town : Oulu
Online : Click here
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