Annual Reportt

Åboulevard 44, 2200 København, Denmark

Annual Reportt is an occasional exhibition platform and ad hoc laboratory for investigating the overlapping peripheries of various artistic disciplines, including design, art, architecture, music and performance. With a focus on language, transmission, mediation and translation within the arts, the platform seeks to facilitate a critical discourse within the field of contemporary cultural production. Based on an interest in the interdisciplinary practice and its collaborations, Annual Reportt seeks to create a space in which the traditional definitions of various artistic disciplines are negotiable, and to utilise this space as a common ground for social investments from creative practitioners whos practices employ a critical and investigative approach to their respective disciplines and who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences. Through exhibitions, talks, screenings and other events, the platform extends into multiple roles and formats such as research institute, exhibition space, lecture hall, etc. in order to investigate the shifting positions of artistic disciplines within contemporary society. The platform is run by the office for graphic design, typography and research Alexis Mark, and was established during the summer of 2017.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Denmark
City / Town : Copenhagen
Online : Click here
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