Av. Samuel Alcazar 916, Distrito de Lima 15094, Peru

Founded in Peru in 1998, Aloardi started as one of the first labels
and independent platforms in South and Central America diffusing and
producing experimental music, media art, sound related interventions
and alternative acoustic research. We support and generate
collaborations between people with self-managed associations and
institutions on local, national and international level. We organize
events and transdisciplinary exhibitions, initiate actions and share
knowledge: the collective is engaged in approaches towards
(non)technological resources, sustainable work and exchange with local
communities. Based in Lima, our space serves since 2004 as venue for
meetings, workshops, research laboratories, a residency program,
audiovisual productions, internet radio broadcasts and a mediatheque.

Aloardi is currently runned by the artists Chrs Galarreta, Gabriel Castillo and Janneke van der Putten.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Peru
City / Town : Lima
Online : Click here
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