SEA foundation

Tivolistraat 22, 5017 HP Tilburg, Netherlands

SEA Foundation is a Dutch not-for-profit, artist-led organisation in Tilburg the Netherlands established in 2011. Over the past few years SEA Foundation became known as an umbrella label for, support, solo exhibitions, art projects, exchanges and publications. From 2013 we also run an Artist in Residence programme – AiR Tilburg – which attracts artists, curators and writers to residencies that include bespoke mentoring.

In all our activities we are fueled by visual arts. Transgressing the boundaries between disciplines and always putting the context and the idea before the medium. By working in different cultural contexts, the foundation generates discussion, exposing and intervening within, as well as being part of networks that concentrate on eminent issues. SEA Foundation aims to be a cultural catalyst in the working lives of art professionals.

SEA Foundation is a charity, a voluntary-based organization that does not employ personnel. It doesn’t adhere to the logics of an institution. It is an accelerated, agile, network environment that intertwines artistic work and daily life.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Tilburg
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Online : Click here
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