After School Special

731 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA

After School Special is an organization headed by a collective of artists seeking community engagement through nontraditional exhibitions, film screenings, queer events, informal classes, applicable workshops, malleable dialogue, and everything in between.

As a group of working and emerging artists, they seek to support creative individuals of a similar stature by providing opportunities for under recognized, socially engaged, young makers. A.S.S. engages art and community at a local, national, and international level in hopes of becoming part of the larger cultural discussion that defines us all. They are not bound by walls, but by the value of ideas and the people behind them.

The operation is currently based out of a raw space in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. This location provides studios for eight current members and houses The Lunchbox, a gallery space built into a former freight elevator shaft. In addition to running programming for The Lunchbox, which is curated on a monthly rotating basis by different A.S.S. members, they curate and organize art related events at off site locations. Every Friday on our instagram A.S.S. posts a Fresh Artist Friday to share the work of emerging to mid-career artists in hopes of creating not only an online catalogue of awesome work, but also connect themselves and others into a larger network of creators. Annually A.S.S. put on The Grilled Cheese Grant, a micro-grant that goes towards the completion of one MIAD or UWM BFA thesis project. The runner up receives an exhibition in The Lunchbox and 10% of the overall money raised is donated to a local non-profit.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : United States
City / Town : Milwaukee
Online : Click here
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