ul. "Knyaz Boris I" 39, 1463 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

Æther is an independent art space in the heart of Sofia. It started its activities in spring 2016. It seeks to offer a possibility for experimentation and generate a critical feedback on the contemporary obscurities of living through art, science, politics and activism.

It wishes to engage and bridge the local and international art scene in different propositions and activation of collective rituals and thinking. It asks for strengthening the dialogue between artists and its audience.

Micro-society, which purpose is to deliver an autonomous ground for sharing and reflection, where different ways of communication intersect, shaping new ideas about art, history and the present states of both beings and affairs.

Change is immanent…Start channeling the Æ.


Æther Haga is a sibling of Æther Sofia that speaks a language vibrating and resonating in the morphic field, that in its virtue can make land appear closer than its actual physical properties.

Æther Haga opened her doors for the first time in The Hague on 5 and 6 October 2018. Occasionally it will present a selection of artists and will unfold proposals of what intersects along the east/west trajectory based on the already started dialogues at the eastern point.
Within this the project strives to make a more physical bond between the continental linear directions, its psycho-geographic potentiality and a bridge less faible, built upon sharing, discussion and exchange. It is seeking to expose links and affects of lifetime traces of a generation lived under different conditions, this time coming together in quest to confide a new state of value and content through art and innovative practices.
Æther Haga will focus on research, context and the background of both artists and subjects.

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