Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam Netherlands

4bid is a non-profit space, a project and a platform for art and artists

4bid develops temporary cultures, interlinks fields of knowledge and comprehension through arts and culture.

“We think that art and culture, when approached critically, has a positive impact on society. We attempt to bringing consciousness about the current social situation by sharing and distributing knowledge through development of temporary culture, a culture that is dynamic and evolves as we speak. Being critical is an approach but not only. Critical culture for us is a metaphor for a critical moment on a timeline, a crisis between points of view, collision of times and spaces. We develop projects and researches with the aim of reaching out to a micro / medium geographic range*, wanting to connect with people on a human-size level through discussions and collaborations, aiming to sensitize to non capitalistic bodies and minds. We consider it important to create a multidisciplinary environment where a variety of artistic practices can question each other and their relation to contemporary art and society. We believe in a culture that is not elitist and therefore should be free and accessible to all. We like to interact and engage with artistic research, attempting to do it with consciousness and a critical mind-set, connecting with people on a personal level as well as globally.


Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Amsterdam
Online : Click here
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