2B Gallery

Ráday utca 47 H-1092 Budapest HU

The 2B contemporary art gallery was founded by András Böröcz and László Böröcz in February 2002 in an apartment in District 3 of Budapest.

2B believes that one of the possible ways of constantly developing and renewing culture is to create transitions between genres and to initiate exciting, novel experiments that spring into existence on the borderlines between various fields of art.

Alongside the gallery programme, projects take the form of publications, performances, co-productions and international exchanges. Together with aesthetic and art historical aspects, we strive to find projects that reflect important social and historical questions including such crucial issues as discrimination, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and the victims of dictatorships.

Other themes focus on collections, artist families, art pedagogy, and the intersection of visual art with literature, science and music.


Active or inactive : Active
Country : Hungary
City / Town : Budapest
Online : Click here
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