Post Gallery in Kaunas, Lithuania

Post Gallery in Kaunas, Lithuania

exhibition- ALWAYS AN I, NEVER A ONE.

POST Gallery in Kaunas, By Séverine Grosjean.

If you are interested in art, you will be surprised to know how many different galleries there are in such a small country, representing different periods and styles of art. Almost all of them offer works of art by prominent Lithuanian and foreign artists. The POST gallery, in Kaunas, the second most important city in Lithuania, was founded by the artist Andrius Pukis. Previously, there was a sports club. It went from body aesthetics to mental aesthetics. In Latin, “post” means later in English. It is not just a gallery, the activity will be beyond the event.


This large space has become a space of passion and discussion where only works of contemporary art are presented. The multifunctional cultural space “POST” is oriented towards artistic processes. Post Gallery offers locals and foreigners a look at contemporary artists to show how they represent, react, think about current issues with ecology, political life or human rights.

The multifunctional cultural space “POST” is oriented towards modern artistic processes. The publications gallery offers local people and foreigners looking at contemporary artists to show how they represent, react and think about current issues related to ecology, political life and human rights.

TOMAS MARTIŠAUSKIS – Personalinė paroda HABAS.

There are not many exhibition spaces in Kaunas. Personal and group exhibitions help to deepen and feel what is needed for these spaces.

The Gallery participates in the cultural process and, as far as possible, a quality art proposal. From the beginning it was clear that the international aspect would have a special place. It is a window open to the world of artists and the city itself. One of the main projects of the Gallery of the advertisement “Lithuania-Indonesia: Street Art: Sames directions” in 2015. The project involved 25 artists from Indonesia, Lithuania, the Philippines, South Korea, Poland, Estonia, Latvia . The goal of the gallery is to present an interesting art, both in terms of meaning, techniques and aesthetics, reflecting or discovering the invisible language. The Post gallery brings national artists as foreigners so that the city itself receives a broader view of the world, culture and other arts. Everything is done to make the city of Kaunas more alive, so that the city works with its global cultural tendencies.

Performansas, Still life with ashes, rust and screams.


Architektūros paroda, Architektūrinė Simbiozė. Tarp Žmogaus ir Gamtos

POST, perhaps, differs in the fact that this private gallery does not focus on trade, but rather on cultural processes. It is an independent gallery that has a great responsibility for its freedom.

The Post gallery offers a wide variety of activities. It is the place where people will live experiences Depending on the event, the space can be changed. Each exhibition receives a new face, a new blank canvas. This adaptation of spaces is essential to accentuate the relationship between work and space.

AISTĖ JANČIŪTĖ. Paroda ,,Pojūčių laboratorija SVORIS.


CONFESSIONS. Erdvinė opera tamsoje

The POST gallery, like any alternative place, has virtually no chance of surviving without financial support, trust and understanding. These spaces are impossible to maintain, so they should receive the greatest attention from professionals and individuals regardless of the cultural context. They give greater value to the city and its cultural life as social, economic and political.

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