Mucho Mas from Turin

Mucho Mas from Turin

An article by Severine Grosjean

A new space is added to the independent artistic production circuit in Turin. It’s called “Mucho Mas”. An independent and non-profit space, young founders Luca Vianello and Silvia Mangosio bring innovative learning, diversity and photographic excellence to the forefront of their concerns

This new space managed by artists is dedicated to Italian artists with a particular focus on research and experimentation in the field of photography. The space aspires to be a point of reflection and research on photography, and how it evolves within art, crossing the classic canons to which it belongs by its form and content.

Recently opened, the project is still in the sketch state but is bold. This unique research laboratory in Turin has developed around leading threads such as innovative forms of presentation and reflection on photography and more specifically its implications in all fields of contemporary society. The team is interested in all kinds of modes of production, distribution and presentation of photography. Determined by an appeal to artists, his programming in the gallery reflects the diversity of approaches that cross the current arts. The artist-run-space initiates or supports creative projects and intervenes for the development and accessibility of arts and culture within the community.

Mucho Mas must now be seen as a leading space in the presentation and exploration of photography in Turin. It plays a key role in promoting the pivotal and influential role of photography in culture and society and in maintaining its position as an important artistic form. Mucho mas and the photographic projects presented are engines of debate and new thinking about the role of the photographic image in today’s society.

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