Matca artspace from Cluj, Romania

Matca artspace from Cluj, Romania

Report written by Séverine Grosjean, the Nomad Creative Projects


all photos from the exhibition Hybrid Polarities, 2018


The question of Artist-run spaces is above all a social phenomenon built by its own actors. Since the end of 2017, Cluj has seen the appearance of a new space in full development.

MATCA is  a space managed by artists Alexandra Mocan, Matei Tosa and Alexandru Muraru from Cluj-Napoca, Romania promotes contemporary art with a focus on group shows so far.

These artists live in the richness of the diversity of all, respecting and encouraging the originality and authenticity of each, and work in a beautiful solidarity. Creative artists open to the public, to society and generate through this place a cultural, human and social influence.

This artist-run spaces is engaged in an experimentation movement dedicated to art. The setting up of this collective platform allows to reveal the initiatives of local and international artists. The main challenge of this structure is to intensify the dynamism of exchanges between artists while enhancing the visibility and singularity of each initiative.

This original and alternative form of production and dissemination of contemporary art makes it possible to showcase the different forms of speech present in the city as well as in the country.

In search of new programs and new initiatives to ensure and reinforce this new educational and collaborative platform, the MATCA team is free to choose the forms of speeches exposed. With an energy, a generosity and a sense of risk quite crazy, this structure also offers a scene of young artists with a discreet multidisciplinary work.

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